Mass Effect: Andromeda

By Andrew Wang

I loved the original Mass Effect trilogy. Those games are among my all-time favorites, especially ME2. Which makes me incredibly sad that the newest game in the series is so bad.

I give it a score of 70 out of 100. In the interest of full disclosure I’ll admit that I haven’t actually played the game. At all. But I trust Metacritic with my life and their score for the PS4 version is currently 70 so that’s what it gets from me too.

What follows is a detailed breakdown of Andromeda’s various components. Please pay close attention as my analysis below is incredibly nuanced and was only accomplished through painstaking effort and care.


Gameplay: Bad

Story: Boring

Framerate: Low

Characters: Lame

Lives Up To The Hype: No

Substitute For Ambien: Perfect


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2 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda

  1. Everything you say is probably true. But will I still drop $60 on this? The answer is yes…despite all the hate, I have trust in bioware. After all, they did deliver the greatest ending to a trilogy ever imo lol


    1. Haha well I didn’t want to go into the ME3 ending in this article (I might in another) but that’s part of the reason why I was hoping for a great 2nd trilogy. The first one was tarnished by that horrific ending and this was Bioware’s chance to redeem itself but it seems that won’t be the case, at least not yet. I will probably still buy the game, but only when the price drops significantly which might not take long based on its reception so far.


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